FH 17 silver double drawn silky straight remy flat weft hair extension

Product Name:Human Hair Flat Weft

Material:100% Virgin Remy Human Hair

Length:18inch – 26inch

Color: #Silver

Weight: 100 grams/pack

Texture: Straight

silk flat weft




Flat weft is a type of hair extension that is designed to lie flat against the scalp, creating a seamless and natural look. Wefts are strips of hair that are sewn or bonded together. The “flat” aspect refers to the thin and smooth nature of the weft, making it less noticeable when applied to the hair.







The flat design of the weft contributes to a comfortable and natural feel. It reduces bulkiness and avoids the appearance of a noticeable ridge along the scalp.

remy flat weft hair extensions
straight flat weft

Natural Look: Because flat wefts are designed to be discreet, they provide a more natural appearance. This makes them suitable for individuals looking for extensions that mimic the flow and movement of natural hair.

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