Mirco Loop Hair

Product Name:Mirco Loop Human Hair Extension

Material:100% Virgin Remy Human Hair

Length:18inch – 26inch

Color: #2/6-2

Weight: 50 grams/pack

Texture: Straight

super double drawn hair micro loop




Micro loop hair extensions, also known as micro ring or micro bead extensions, are a type of hair extension method that involves attaching small sections of hair to your natural hair using tiny metal loops or beads. Unlike traditional methods that use adhesives or heat to bond the extensions to your hair, micro loop extensions are applied without the need for any chemicals or heat.





Adjustable and Reusable: Micro loop extensions can be adjusted and moved up as your natural hair grows. They are also reusable, so you can use them for multiple installations if they are well-maintained.

micro loop hair
micro loop raw hair extensions

Versatility: I-tip extensions are known for their versatility. They allow for natural movement and are suitable for various hair types and lengths.

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