FH double drawn #1001 straight nano straight human hair extenion

Product Name:Nano Ring Human Hair Extension

Material:100% Virgin Remy Human Hair

Length:18inch – 26inch

Color: #1001

Weight: 50 grams/pack

Texture: Straight

nano hair extensions virgin remy



Nano ring human hair extensions are a type of hair extension method that involves attaching small individual strands of human hair to your natural hair using tiny, discreet nano-sized rings or beads. These rings are usually made of metal and are incredibly small, about 90% smaller than micro rings, making them less noticeable and more comfortable.

The process involves threading a small amount of natural hair through the nano-sized ring, along with a strand of the extension hair. A professional hair extension technician then uses pliers to securely clamp the ring, holding the natural hair and extension hair together. This method is known for being relatively gentle on the natural hair and does not require the use of heat or adhesives.

nano ring hair
nano hair extensions virgin remy

Nano ring extensions offer a natural look and can be applied to various hair types and lengths. They are suitable for individuals with fine or thin hair because of their small size and lightweight nature, which minimizes stress on the natural hair.

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