FH dark brown #2 straight i tip hair extension

Product Name:I Tip Human Hair Extension

Material:100% Virgin Remy Human Hair

Length:18inch – 26inch

Color: #2 Dark Brown

Weight: 50 grams/pack

Texture: Straight

i tip hair




I-tip hair extensions, also known as “stick tip” or “micro bead” extensions, are a type of hair extension method. In this technique, small bundles of human hair are attached to your natural hair using small, individual beads or micro rings.








No Heat or Adhesives: One advantage of I-tip extensions is that they typically don’t require heat or adhesives for application, making them a relatively gentle method.

i tip hair extensions human hair
hair extensions i tip

Versatility: I-tip extensions are known for their versatility. They allow for natural movement and are suitable for various hair types and lengths.

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